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Effective April 3, 2024, Wellness Together Canada and the Pocketwell app will no longer be available. All resources and services offered will remain accessible until then. For more information, please visit WTC Closure Information.


Wellness Together Canada is a virtual mental health and substance use health portal. Our aim is to support people of all ages living in Canada, and Canadians abroad. Services are free with few barriers and are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week You don’t need to make an appointment or have a referral.

How our resources can work alongside your practice

We offer resources that can complement professional support and be used independently. Here are some ways that Wellness Together Canada might work alongside your practice. Clients can:

  • Track their mood, wellbeing, and functioning. And they can review their results with a healthcare provider during appointments.

  • Access to high-quality, self-directed resources that can support treatment goals.

  • Get reliable and immediate crisis support. 

  • Access individual counselling services with no referral or waitlist.

If you’re unsure about where to start, connect with a Wellness Together Canada Program Navigator to help you find the resources or services your clients need.

It helped me a lot during a period of burnout. It provided me with an insight on what activities had the most negative and positive impact on my mood, so I now know how to better cope and I’m more proactive in my self-care.
I have to say that this service saved my life. [...] [Wellness Together Canada] was the only free mental health service I was able to access.
"I find this app v[ery] useful as someone with multiple mental/physical health diagnoses including a mood disorder. Sometimes we think we are on top of everything and doing fine, but the health assessment tool helped me to reconsider my current situation and see that I'm dealing with a lot more stress than I realised, and that I need to take better care of myself. I'm looking forward to using the mood meter and using this app as part of my recovery plan!! :)

What is the Stepped Care 2.0 Model?

Wellness Together Canada is based on Stepped Care 2.0 (SC2.0 ©). This model organises services and improves access to mental health and substance use health resources and services. SC2.0© is a flexible approach that provides a range of resources and care options, including formal and informal resources and services. It embodies a recovery-oriented approach and recognizes that one type of service won’t work for everyone.

The services available on our platform vary in terms of intensity. Some resources are low-intensity, self-directed options, like reading articles online. Others are higher-intensity options, like connecting with a counsellor for one-on-one support.

Wellness Together Canada prioritizes:

  • Informed choice and preference

  • Individual readiness and fit 

  • Low barrier, immediate access

  • Mental health literacy

Frequently asked questions

When can people access Wellness Together Canada resources?

The majority of Wellness Together Canada resources and services are available 24/7.

What phone, internet or computer access is required to use Wellness Together Canada resources?

  • Internet access is required for most wellness literacy, programming, group Peer Support, and skill-building e-courses/exercises.

  • Phone access is required for one to one warm line peer support, individual counselling and crisis support. Collect calls are accepted.

Is there a cost to using Wellness Together Canada services?

All of Wellness Together Canada’s services and resources are free to use for anybody, including individuals and healthcare provider organizations.

Who can access Wellness Together Canada?

Wellness Together Canada is open to all people who live in Canada and Canadians abroad. No ID, health card, proof of residency is needed to access services. A referral is not required to access Wellness Together Canada resources and services.

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