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Effective April 3, 2024, Wellness Together Canada and the Pocketwell app will no longer be available. All resources and services offered will remain accessible until then. For more information, please visit WTC Closure Information.

Your most common questions are answered here

Wellness Together Canada

What is Wellness Together Canada?

Wellness Together Canada is a mental health and substance use website. We support people in Canada and Canadians who live abroad in both English and French. Our services are available for free.

Here are some resources we provide:

Wellness Together Canada was created in response to growing mental health and substance use concerns since the COVID-19 pandemic.

To access all of our resources, you’ll need to create an account. You can delete your account at any time. If you’re not sure about signing up, you can still access many tools and resources from our homepage.

Wellness Together Canada is funded by Health Canada. It is a partnership between Stepped Care Solutions, Kids Help Phone, and Homewood Health, three of Canada’s leading mental health and substance use organizations.

How can a mental wellness self-assessment help me?

The self-assessment provides information about your well-being. Doing regular self-assessments can help you keep track of how your well-being changes over time. It also helps you choose a program that is right for you. If you don’t feel like you’re making progress, we recommend that you try out some of our other resources. Tracking your journey will help you find the path that works best for you.

The self-assessment is appropriate for both youth and adults.

I never really knew what caused my stress. Actually seeing it and understanding the biggest triggers of my stress helped me implement change in my life.

How often can I track my progress?

You can track your progress by doing a self-assessment as often as you like. You can choose to receive reminders to complete the assessment regularly.

The feedback that I’ve heard from clients is that ‘they love it.’ They are happy to report that it is nice to be able to work at their own pace and found that the material was engaging. ᓇᑯᕐᒦᒃ (Thank you).

How do I sign up to track my progress?

To track your progress, you’ll need to create an account. If you’re ready to sign up now, you can follow this link to make an account.

How do I provide feedback?

You can share your feedback or suggestions for Wellness Together Canada here. Please do not include any identifying information. Also note that this form is not monitored in real time. If you or someone you care about is in crisis, we urge you to contact immediate support services.

For immediate support:

  • Youth: Text WELLNESS to 686868.

  • Adults: Text WELLNESS to 741741.

  • Call 911 if you are in immediate danger or in need of urgent medical help.

  • Indigenous Peoples can also reach out to Hope for Wellness at 1-855-242-3310.

Tools and Resources

How does creating an account benefit me?

Making an account gives you access to all of Wellness Together Canada’s resources. These resources can help you manage your mental health and substance use concerns. You’ll also be able to complete regular self-assessments. These can help you keep track of your wellness journey.

Having used this app for eight weeks, I think it is safe to say that I feel better about the future of my college career and the obstacles I will inevitably face as a student of higher education.

What resources can I access without creating an account?

If you’re not ready to make an account, you can still find support by using the resource selector on our homepage. This tool can help you find resources that fit with your preferences.

These tools come in many different formats, including:

  • Self-guided eCourses

  • Online classes & group sessions

  • One-on-sessions with mental health professionals

These tools can be used to help manage low mood, worry, substance use, and more.

I don’t know which resources to start with. Where should I go for guidance if I don’t know where to start?

If you're unsure where to start, you may find it helpful to try out the resource selector on our homepage. This tool will help you find useful resources.

If you’d prefer to talk to someone, or if you have any questions, you can call 1-866-585-0445. We will connect you with a Program Navigator. They can help you find the resources and services on the website that would be most helpful for you.

I’m looking for resources related to substance use. Am I in the right place?

Yes, you’re in the right place! On the site, you can find resources designed to improve your wellness and help you regain a sense of control over alcohol or drugs. The tools available here include:

I’m looking for resources in my local province. Where can I find that on the site?

We know that accessing support within your region is important. We’re currently working on ways to connect you with resources based in your local community. We hope to roll out this feature soon.

Data and Privacy

Who has access to my personal information?

The information you share on this site belongs to you. It will be kept private and confidential. Your personal information will not be sold or traded to third parties. You can read more about this in our Privacy Policy. This website is powered by Greenspace, a health technology platform that manages and stores health information. You can read the full privacy policy here.

Confidentiality [made me feel comfortable about] submitting personal information online.

Can I delete my account whenever I want?

Yes. You can delete your Wellness Together Canada account at any time. This will result in the deletion of your personal data.

To delete your account, email us at When your account is deleted, we'll make sure that all electronic and hard copies of your information are destroyed. Everything will be irreversibly deleted from our system within 7 days.

What is the benefit of providing more information to Wellness Together Canada?

The more we know about what you’re going through, the more we’ll be able to offer you personalized support. The path to wellness is different for everybody. What works for your friend might not work for you. By sharing a little more information with us, you help us paint a fuller picture of your unique situation. This allows us to support you better.

[I like] being able to be anonymous, and knowing that whatever you say there’s always people that come along with supportive words.

Do you save any other information about my visits to this website?

We use certain kinds of technical information, such as log files and cookies. This is to provide mental health support and make improvements to the site. We also use analytics tools to collect statistics about visitors to the website.

If you want to learn more about what information we collect, you can read our privacy commitment here.