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Effective April 3, 2024, Wellness Together Canada and the Pocketwell app will no longer be available. All resources and services offered will remain accessible until then. For more information, please visit WTC Closure Information.

What does it mean to track my progress?

Tracking your progress is an approach to wellness that involves measuring how you’re doing. You can do this by using tools such as questionnaires and self-assessments. On Wellness Together Canada, we use a quick self-assessment that asks about your mood, well-being, and functioning (whether you feel able to carry out your regular activities).

When you create an account, you’ll be able to complete the self-assessment. After that, you can choose to receive reminders (over email or SMS) to retake the self-assessment regularly. As you continue to complete the self-assessment, you’ll be able to see how your results might be changing over time.

Why track my progress?

Research shows that tracking your progress works. People are more likely to achieve their goals if they’re tracking their progress regularly. Some common examples of ways that people measure their behaviour include tracking the number of steps they take each day, what time they go to bed, and the number of hours they sleep.

Self-assessments can help you understand your unique situation. We know that mental wellness is a very personal journey, and that everybody has different wellness goals and needs.

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Ongoing Support

Mental wellness takes time. Many of the resources available through Wellness Together Canada are meant to be completed over several days, weeks, or even months. Creating an account gives you access to resources you can use throughout your journey. This will allow you to continue building on the skills you’ve learned.

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Find what works best for you

Mental wellness is not one-size-fits-all. Everybody has different wellness needs and goals. Tracking your progress can help you decide whether you’d prefer to keep going with a resource, or try something new instead.

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Your information belongs to you

You’re in control of what you share with us and our partners. We’ll never ask you to share more than you’re comfortable with. If you ever decide that you’d like to delete your Wellness Together Canada account, you can easily do so. Just send an email to When your account is deleted, we’ll make sure that all electronic and hard copies of your information are securely destroyed and irreversibly deleted from our live systems within 7 days.

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Ready to start tracking your progress?

Once you create an account, you can start completing regular mental wellness self-assessments. You’ll also get access to more free mental health and substance use resources.

When people track their progress throughout their wellness journey, their outcomes are up to 50% better.
I never really knew what caused my stress. Actually seeing it and understanding the biggest triggers of my stress helped me implement change in my life. I could study a couple days earlier for a test and noticed a big change.
The tracker was good for me to journal … worries I was having and helped process what I'd experienced day to day.