Privacy and Confidentiality

Your wellness journey is personal. We know that there are some things you might not want to share with us—and that’s okay. We’ve designed our services and our privacy policy to make sure that you can still access support without needing to disclose more than you want to, and with the confidence that your information will be kept private and secure.

Minimizing collection of sensitive health data

We collect only the sensitive health data required to provide the services you request, and only with your permission.

We understand that wellness is deeply personal, and we’re committed to protecting your privacy. When creating an account, the only pieces of information we’ll ask for are your email address and password. In order to better support you, you can choose to provide further information about your wellness history. This information will let us highlight resources that are better tailored to your situation. We understand this information is sensitive, and we will treat it as confidential (as described below). 

Securing your data

The information you provide is kept private and confidential. We will not trade or sell your personal information to other people. We won’t share your Personal Information without your consent, except in the specific cases detailed in our Privacy Policy. For example, in order to provide the services available on the website, we have arrangements with certain technology-related service providers that are subject to contractual agreements that meet appropriate privacy standards.

Deleting your account at any time

At any time you can delete your Wellness Together Canada account, which will result in the deletion of your personal data.

If at any point, for any reason, you decide to stop using Wellness Together Canada's services, you are free to delete your account by emailing When your account is deleted, we'll make sure that all electronic and hard copies of your information are securely destroyed and irreversibly deleted from our live systems within 7 days.

Data use and storage

We will not use your personal information for purposes other than providing the mental health and related services described in our Privacy Policy.

Our goal is to help you manage and improve your well-being. The personal information that you share with us, and the technical information we collect (including your IP address), will be used to improve the mental health services and supports we provide. We also use aggregated statistical data in order to make improvements to the website, but we will never attempt to identify you using this data. We will store your personal information for only so long as is necessary to fulfil its original purpose, or as long as we need to in order to comply with any relevant laws. A complete list of ways we may use your data can be found here.

Your right to choose what you share

We will never push you to disclose information that you don’t want to share with us.

You’re in charge of your own wellness care. We’ll never ask you to share more information than what you are comfortable with. Whether you’re looking to connect with a counsellor for a one-on-one session, or if you’d prefer to use our self-guided tools, you always have control over what you disclose and how you engage with our services.

Commitment to openness and transparency

We strive to make sure our privacy and data policies are accessible to all.

Our work is founded on trust. We understand that we need to earn your confidence in order to support you and your wellness. That’s why we are committed to making our policies transparent and accessible to everybody. If anything in our policy is unclear, or you have any questions, comments, or complaints about our website or services, you can write to or email us at the addresses found here.

Managing your cookies

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Necessary cookies help us maintain the core functionality of the website, and they cannot be turned off. While you cannot opt-out of these cookies on the website, you can disable all cookies by changing your browser settings. However, disabling cookies will affect how the website functions.

Optional cookies are designed to support your experience, including personalising content and resources for you. We understand that not everyone may be comfortable with enabling all cookies, so we’ve provided options for you depending on your needs and preferences. You can manage your cookie settings on this page.