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What is substance use?

Learn about what substance use is and the risks, signs, and available support.

How can I cope with my parent / caregiver’s substance use?

Learn about ways you can cope with the situation and take care of yourself if a parent/caregiver’s use of substances is impacting your life.

Substance use and addiction-related problems

Explore signs of substance use and addiction-related problems. Find resources, steps to wellness, and support others.

Family Peer Support

Discover Lifewise Family Group Support: Connect and learn with others who are supporting loved ones through mental health and substance use challenges.

Recognizing how your drinking and drug use could get out of control

Learn about the cycle of substance use, coping with tough emotions, and find support on your path to recovery.

On My Way to Wellness

Discover compassionate wellness support for all pathways to wellbeing and reducing stigma around substance use.

5 ways to talk to a friend about their substance use

If you are concerned about a loved one's substance use, here are five ways to approach the conversation with empathy, timing, and helpful resources.

National Overdose Response Service

Connect with a trained peer supporter for 24/7, anonymous, and non-judgmental drug use support. Safety and harm reduction for all Canadians.

The Lower-Risk Gambling Guidelines

Lower Your Gambling Risks: Three Guidelines for Safer Play. Discover how to protect your wellbeing while enjoying gambling responsibly.

Addiction Is Not My Choice

Explore the science behind addiction and how it relates to trauma. Break down stigma and gain insights into substance use with this informative video.

All People, All Pathways™

Discover a safe, stigma-free space to explore your relationship with substances. CAPSA's peer-led group offers support for your wellness journey.

Peer Support Warm Line

Talk to trained Peer Supporters with first-hand experiences. Get a friendly ear with our free, confidential phone support.

Group Peer Support

Discover Lifewise Peer Group Support: Join holistic and engaging discussions and activities for mental health recovery. Delivered by trained staff.

Gambling Self-Assessment

Make informed choices about gambling with our risk assessment tool and guidelines. Know your risk level and embrace safer gambling.

Supports and services in British Columbia

This page provides information about free, publicly available supports and services in British Columbia.


Online community of support (16+), a safe place to connect with others experiencing similar feelings anonymously.

Supports and services in Prince Edward Island

This page provides information about free, publicly available supports and services in Prince Edward Island.

Strengthening relationships

Explore ways to strengthen your social network. Find out what are the steps to wellness and how to improve your mental and physical wellbeing


Use the BreathingRoom website or app to help you find answers to difficult questions through meditation and journaling.

Low mood

Explore our resources on low moods and how to navigate them. Find out what are the steps to wellness and how to support others.

Supports and services in Nova Scotia

This page provides information about free, publicly available supports and services in Nova Scotia.


A collection of e-Courses and other tools to build wellness your own way at your own pace.

How to support a friend who may be experiencing depression

Learn about how to notice signs of depression in your loved ones and things you can say and do to support them.

Meet & Motivate Groups

Gain actionable insights and tips to help you make progress toward your goals with this drop-in, therapist-led group support.

Taking control of your mood: Get active

Part 4: Use exercise to boost your mood using seven steps.

Resources for Those Affected by Hurricane Fiona

Find government, mental health, and crisis support for those affected by Hurricane Fiona on this page.

Letters of support from kids like you during COVID-19

Read heartwarming letters from young Canadians, share your own and find the support you need.

Positive Influences on Mental Health

Gain strategies to help you navigate your mental health journey and discover new supports.

Kids Help Phone: 24/7 e-Mental Health Support for Youth

Find hope, strength, and support 24/7 with Kids Help Phone. Get confidential mental health tips, quizzes, counseling, and more in English and French.

When someone close to you has a serious illness

Navigate conversations and find balance while providing genuine support in this difficult situation.

Tips for staying connected during COVID-19

Discover message prompts and learn creative ways to engage with loved ones and start supportive conversations.

Peer Support for Healthcare Workers

Share thoughts and feelings, seek support, and support and motivate others as a part of Togetherall's Peer Support community of healthcare professionals.

The Peer-to-Peer Community at Kids Help Phone

Online support forums of real-life stories where youth can connect & share.

Strongest Families Institute: ICAN (Conquer Anxiety and Nervousness)

Navigate your anxiety and low moods at your own pace using videos, Anxiety Tracker, guides, and telephone coach support and more.

Managing worry

Explore our resources on what being worried can look like. Find out how to manage it, what are the steps to wellness, and how to support others.

Wellness for Healthcare Workers

Explore ways to take care of yourself as a healthcare worker. Find out what are the steps to wellness and how to support others.

What is anxiety?

Learn about anxiety with our video guide. Discover why we feel it, how it affects us and when to seek support.

Managing Social Anxiety

Empower yourself to manage social anxiety with our course: self-assessment, strategies, and building assertiveness for a confident, fulfilling life.


Explore our resources on what being stressed can look like. Find out how to manage it, what are the steps to wellness, and how to support others.

Information for professionals

Discover how our resources and free services can complement a healthcare practice.


Break the cycle of loneliness by learning more about the science behind it. Find balance between alone time and social time.

Indian Residential Schools Crisis Support

Find 24/7 resources, support, and crisis intervention services for Indigenous Peoples and residential school survivors.

Supports and services in New Brunswick

This page provides information about free, publicly available supports and services in New Brunswick.

Resources for Those Affected by Fires and Floods in BC

Find 24/7 mental health support, peer connections, and resources for those affected by Fires and Floods in British Columbia.

Understanding anxiety

Understand anxiety and discover how recognizing triggers and using coping skills can help conquer it through this video/transcript.

How to intervene if someone needs help in a crisis

Learn about ways you can offer support online, at school or in public to someone who is experiencing a crisis.

Humanitarian Emergencies Around the World: Coping Together

We’re all affected by current events in different ways. Get the support you need during times of uncertainty.

Breaking Free: Wellness

Gain insight into recognizing the risk of losing control and handling cravings with video guidance and downloadable action plans.

Provincial and Territorial Supports and Services

Find supports and services in your province or territory. You can access them online, over the phone, or in person.

Kids Help Phone - Text Support for Youth

Youth can text 686868 to connect with a trained, volunteer crisis responder for 24/7 support.

Questionnaire: Reflecting on feelings of anxiety

Use our questionnaire to help you reflect on your feelings in the moment.

Movement Towards Wellness

Be guided through four sessions of gentle exercises designed to improve your movement and mobility.

Homewood Health - Resilience

Build resilience for your mental and emotional wellbeing using a guide, action planners, worksheets, and additional materials in this course.

Taking control of your mood: Manage your feelings

Part 3: Manage your feelings and shift towards being more "action-centred" using eight steps.

What is human trafficking?

Learn about the different types of human trafficking and information on how to keep yourself safe and get support.

Sobering thoughts

Learn what causes problematic drinking, risk factors, when it becomes alcoholism, and what you can do about it.

Peer-to-Peer Community

Access 24/7 anonymous support forums by Canadian Youth and for Canadian Youth to connect, comfort, and uplift each other.

Safety tool: Abuse in the home

Create a safety plan and access support if your living space or home is not a safe place for you right now.

Well Central

Explore wellness topics and resources at your own pace in English or French.

Supports and Services in Newfoundland and Labrador

This page provides information about free, publicly available supports and services in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Questionnaire: Reflecting on feelings of sadness

Use our questionnaire to help you reflect on your feelings and experiences and help you decide your next steps.

Climate Change: Coping with Difficult Emotions

Understand and manage your climate change concerns. Explore climate anxiety and tools for coping. Find support and more information.

Grief and Loss Coaching

Call a grief coach for a one-on-one session to help you cope with a loss and find support.

Kids Help Phone - Crisis Support for Adults

Adults can text 741741 to connect with a trained volunteer crisis responder for 24/7 support.

Anti-Black racism: Support for Black people and allies

Explore resources to combat anti-Black racism: anti-racism groups in Canada, mental health support, and allyship materials.


Live classes and training so you stress less and feel your best, for whatever life brings your way.

Resources for people affected by wildfires in the Northwest Territories

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Bullying Incident Report

Use our tool to keep track of bullying incidents so you can report the harassment to a safe adult when you feel ready.

Adapting to changing family dynamics

Create strong family bonds during the digital age by going through a list of tips and suggested activities.

Homewood Health - Taking Control of Stress

Learn stress management, goal-setting, and self-care strategies with this e-course.

Homewood Health - Taking Control of Mood

Learn about ways to take control of and improve your mood with this e-course.

Understand the true nature of your cravings for alcohol or drugs

Discover how cravings evolve and learn to manage them with our short video and article.

Positive In, Negative Out

Use our mental health tool to unwind with relaxation, guided breathing and positivity, leaving negativity behind.

Mental Wellness Self Assessment

Track your wellbeing overtime with our Mental Wellness Self Assessment and become more aware of your mental state over time.

Caregiver Mental Health

Embrace self-care as a Caregiver and prioritize your wellbeing. Find advice and support to manage stress, seek help, and stay true to yourself.

Kids Help Phone: One-to-one counselling

Kids Help Phone is a phone line that you can call 24/7 for free counselling and anonymous and confidential support.

Consent: What it is and why it’s important

Learn what it means to give enthusiastic consent during sexual activity and why it is important.

Improving family relationships

Learn to listen and communicate effectively with your kids. Empathize, connect and nurture healthy relationships.

MindWell for Healthcare Workers

Explore MindWell for Healthcare workers: Boost resilience and manage stress with short lessons, flexible modules, and a supportive online community.

Taking control of your mood: Stay connected

Part 6: Fuel your spirit and keep yourself happy, healthy, and energized with this three-step guide.

Managing Gambling Habits

Explore our resources on gambling. Find out what are the steps to wellness and how to manage gambling habits.

Welltrack Boost

Assess, understand, and work on your own behavioral health and wellness for free with Welltrack Boost.

Kids Help Phone - Counselling Over Phone

Youth can connect with professional counsellors by phone (including interpretation services in multiple languages) and online chat.

Reach Out: It’s good for you!

Learn about social wellbeing and the benefit of reaching out. Learn about six essential aspects of wellbeing with the Wellbeing Course on Well Central.

An introduction to coping with grief & loss

Understand the types of grief and loss and how to navigate the emotional journey. Find your unique path to healing.

Taking Control of Your Mood: Intro

Part 1: Recognize causes of depression and signs that signal its onset of depression. Learn about ways to improve your mood.

Dating violence: How to make a safety plan

An interactive safety plan tool to help you find ways to create or access safer spaces for times when you’re feeling unsafe.

Suicidal thoughts: How to support young people

Information, tools and resources to support young people who are having suicidal thoughts.

Dealing with family abuse: How to get help and stay safe

Facing family abuse is tough, but you're not alone. This article offers guidance on finding help, understanding your emotions, and staying safe.

Coping with COVID‑19

Explore our COVID-19 resources and learn about common challenges, like stress. Find out what are the steps to wellness and how to support others.

Coping with Current Events for People in Canada and Canadians Abroad

If you are experiencing increased worry, anxiety, or fear as a result of current events, you can find 24/7 counselling support in Canada & abroad here.

Sexual harassment: What it is and how to cope

Learn about what sexual harassment is and your rights and options for taking action.

PocketWell: The Wellness Together Canada Companion App

Discover PocketWell, the free companion app to Wellness Together Canada. Track your mood, assess your wellbeing, and find support on the go!

Sexual abuse: How to get help and heal

Learn about what sexual abuse is, common responses to it, and how to find help and heal.

Building your resilience

Boost your resilience. Learn about what it means, why it matters and how to strengthen it for life's challenges.

Communication Strategies

Learn about healthy strategies to communicate and strengthen your relationships with others through this self-guided course.

Moving Beyond Anxiety

Discover how to regain control over anxiety through healthy thinking, staying present, and accepting feelings.


Learn why self-care and self-rewards are crucial for mental wellbeing in this insightful video.

Manage your cravings for alcohol or drugs by surfing them

Learn to manage cravings with guided exercises and mindfulness. Find balance and self-care techniques in this video and article.

Recognizing and Managing Stress

Learn how stress impacts your wellbeing. You can recognize, manage, and prevent stress with Well Central's practical strategies for a healthier life.

Taking control of your mood: Healthy habits

Part 2: Improve your health through healthy eating and developing good sleeping habits.

Homewood Health: One-to-one counselling

Learn stress management, goal-setting, and self-care strategies. Access 24/7 counseling and wellness resources for better mental health.

How to start journaling today

Boost your mood, process emotions and find gratitude through journaling. Start by following these tips.

Taking control of your mood: Reduce tension

Part 5: Learn to release stress-related tension through breathing and muscle relaxation techniques in four steps.

Taking charge of stress

Learn about the causes of stress and strategies for managing it to create a healthier lifestyle.

Take a positive approach

Learn about how to transform anxiety with positive self-talk and break the cycle of negative thoughts to reclaim your mental wellbeing.

Optimal Aging

Explore our resources on the art and science of aging. And learn what fulfillment can look like over your lifetime.

Uncovering the faces of anxiety

Understand the difference between anxiety and anxiety disorders, causes and types of anxiety disorders and how to manage symptoms.

Coping with grief and loss

See how grief and death are connected and learn about ways that you can manage grief.

8 ways to foster hope in your daily life

Foster hope and build resilience for your mental and emotional wellbeing with these tips.

What is mindfulness, and how can I practise it?

Learn about what mindfulness is, its potential benefits and how to practice it.

Kids Help Phone’s Wheel of Well-Being

Explore life's interconnectedness with Kids Help Phone's Wheel of Well-Being. Balance relationships, emotions, health and more.

How to calm down when you’re stressed

Explore some easy mindfulness tips to feel calmer instantly.

Recovering from a Lapse or Relapse

Learn how to notice warning signs of a lapse or relapse, avoid triggers and manage the emotions that come with recovery through this self-guided course.


Learn the art of self-acceptance and becoming more true to yourself through our video and journal questions

Understanding Anxiety and Worry: Program Introduction

Learn how to recognize and cope with anxiety and worry through this self-guided course.

Thoughts are Not Facts

Learn to cope with negative thoughts. Beat anxiety, stress and overthinking with our helpful guide.

Mindfulness & Working with Negative Thoughts

Discover Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and mindfulness to manage mood, worry and boost wellbeing with this brief video.

The Mindful Zone

With this video, discover how mindfulness can make you happier and less stressed through being more present.

Hardwiring Happiness

Understand why we often focus on negatives and learn how to be more positive and enjoy life with our helpful guide.

Deep Breathing

Learn the power of deep breathing: ease stress, conquer anxiety and find serenity wherever you are with this one-minute video and article.

Coping Through Coronavirus

Learn to cope with the COVID-19 crisis, uncertain times and the natural emotions that come with them through this self-guided course.

Understanding depression

Learn about how to recognize depression and how depression can affect your memory and thinking through this self-guided course.

Getting Stuck in Our Thoughts

Discover Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) to embrace emotions, boost self-compassion, and improve mental well-being.

Quieting the mental chatter

Discover inner peace with this video guide. Quiet your inner judge, find calm and connect with your true self through mindful practices.

Take 5 Practice

Soothe your mind and refocus with our tool that offers guided breathing, mindfulness exercises and a calming environment.

Reversing the Stress Response

Explore stress responses, tips for finding balance and stress management techniques with this resource. Understand and address your stress triggers.


Learn about your fight-or-flight responses, the benefits of relaxation and techniques to calm down through this self-guided course.

My Goal Tracker

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Calm your anxiety with this glowing fire body scan

Experience mindfulness with guided body scan meditation while honouring the diversity of Indigenous peoples and languages with Kids Help Phone.

Vaping is on the rise. Here’s what you need to know.

Learn about vaping's risks, potential benefits of quitting and strategies to make informed choices for your health and well-being.

How to cope with upsetting news stories

Learn how to protect your mental health from negative information in media and take care of yourself and your mental health.

Control your emotions and stay calm when life becomes stressful

Learn a practical 5-sense technique for emotional control and calmness. You'll also see links to download the Breaking Free app and discover more.

Coping with grief, loss and change

Learn about common types of grief and loss, common responses, and how to cope.

Self-injury: Positive coping strategies

Learn about what self-injury is, possible reasons a person may self-injure, ideas for coping and tips to open up to others about self-injury.

Learning to Develop a Growth Mindset

Discover the power of a growth mindset. Learn about six essential aspects of wellbeing with the Wellbeing Course on Well Central.

Eating disorders: Important things to know

Read about eating disorders, including different types, health effects and how they can develop.

Moving for your mood

Get moving! Learn about how physical activity can help reduce stress, boost moods and promote happier feelings.

The Art & Science of Aging Well

Embark on a journey to better mental health as you age. Join our 1-hour webinar and discover six actions for lifelong well-being.

Optimal Aging Workshop

Embark on a journey to better mental health as you age. Join our 4-week Optimal Aging Workshop series and discover six actions for lifelong well-being.

Hope for Wellness - Helpline

A telephone helpline for Indigenous people across Canada that’s available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Find out more.

Hope for Wellness - Online Chat

An online chat for Indigenous people across Canada that’s available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Find out more.

Reflective Practice

Join our twenty-minute mindfulness session for relaxation, self-discovery and personal growth.

Abdominal breathing

Find inner peace with our guided meditation. Relax, breathe and centre yourself anytime, anywhere. Choose your soothing voice.

Breathe in Peace and Energy

Discover tranquility with this mental health tool that offers guided meditation, soothing ambiance and focus points to help you find peace.

Everyday Mindfulness

Join our twenty-minute mindfulness session for relaxation, focus and presence in both life and work.

Tension Release Exercise

Try out our Tension Release Exercise to calm down when you’re overcome with anxiety.